REVEAL is the new home of Radio Pure Gently.

In 2012, inspired by Rob Puricelli’s stint at Radio Thetford where he presented his Thursday Night Live show, a few of his listeners decided to start up their own radio station, Radio Pure Gently after the end of his tenure there.

Since then, the station has grown and evolved to become REVEAL.

The roster of DJs has grown along the way with presenters from all over the world.

We play just great music, both classic tracks and a big emphasis on new music.

Our more well known shows include, Friday Night Live with Rob Puricelli, Synthetix Sundays with Marko Maric, Soiree 80s, The Diamond Field Radio Show with Andy Diamond, The Things That Dreams Are Made of with Daniel X. Belasco as well as our regular Thursday show.

We have now progressed to broadcasting 24/7 and will be introducing new shows such as Synthwave Sunday with DJ Spaz, Diamonds In The Rough with Gretchen Kelly and a new regular show from our newest DJ, Art Jipson.